The Old Man and the Sea

During a quick lunch stop on our way somewhere between Athens and Mycenae, we watched these rambunctious dogs playing. They were so friendly!


Our grand tour of southern Italy and Greece was over. Everyone else in our group left for home. My husband and I, however, had arranged to stay 2 more nights in Athens and explore the city some more…It was a great decision! We knew how to take public transit and used it. We shopped, ate, and hiked around more. Here is a street leading up to the Acropolis:


Here is a cute little restaurant that scammed us (they said we had to pay extra for something we didn’t order and wouldn’t take no for an answer):

Athens Restaurant

Both days we took the light rail to the beach, where we found and ordered from a Pizza Hut (don’t judge us until you’ve been out of the states for a year and need a taste of home). This old man was at the pier. He spoke some English and asked if we were in the military and other questions that we were reluctant to answer. He said he had something for us and said to wait for a few minutes while he got it. We were a little apprehensive, but decided to humor him anyway by waiting. He came back with a photo and a seashell. The photo was of him as a young man in the Greek military. He told us a few stories about his military days. Then he held up the shell. It didn’t look too special-just like a normal seashell. Then he pulled a shiny orange shell out of the middle and explained in broken English that it should be turned into a necklace pendant and was considered good luck. It was quite an interesting conversation in all!

Old Man

Here I am on the pebble beach. It was so nice to just relax! Near us, there was a large group of old men in speedos playing this invigorating paddle ball type of game. If you know what game I’m talking about, please let me know. It really looked fun!

Greece Apr01 (25)-001

Leaving our hotel, we took a few last photos. We had a view of the Acropolis, but one of the apartments between us and it had what appeared to be an outdoor bathroom/laundry room…I just had to show you!

View from our Room

Ah, Athens. We really enjoyed our time here!



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