Mother Dearest

How good it felt to be back at work! I had seen exciting things on our recent adventure and was content to just hang out for a while in the sunshine…for a couple of months, at least.

It’s not easy to convince people to visit Turkey. No matter how beautiful it is or how many things there are to see and do there, it’s just not popular enough to draw the same amount of attention as, say, Italy. However, it is a diverse country with a lively history. My mother, being a biblical scholar, was the only visitor we had in Turkey. We took her to all the usual sites: Sunday market, Kastabala, Hieropolis, Karatepe, Aslantas, Tarsus, Adana, a Turkish friends’ house for lunch, and a handmade Kilim factory.

Adana Mosque


Here are momma, hubby, and I at Sabanci Merkez Camii (Sabanci Central Mosque) on the Ceyhan River, the largest mosque in Turkey. We grabbed a sesame seed roll and walked across the old Roman bridge. More photos of the mosque and mosque park will be in a separate post…there are just too many for today! Goofing off with mom at Kizkalesi in Mersin was so much fun!Kizkalesi Kizkalesi





We had fun at lunch giving her a Turkish makeover…and shopping!



Of course, why stop there? Why don’t the 3 of us take a trip? See some castles?

Visit the 7 Churches of the Revelation? Stay tuned!


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