The First Year

And that is how my first year in Turkey went. I explored our village, the city, various ruins and castles from all time periods, a biblical site, and had finally seen the Mediterranean Sea.  We had learned a few words in Turkish and figured out that C says “ch” and S says “sh”. Having sold our house in Colorado and paid off some debt, we were no longer searching the parking lot for spare change and eating potatoes for every meal. We were even able to have some furniture made and buy a couple of souvenirs! Best of all, I had a great job and was getting lots of exercise walking to and from my double shift. I had friends and hung out at my husband’s intramural sports events. Everything was fantastic!

February 2008
The problem with moving to a new place is the feeling that you are abandoning your family. We normally would have no problem picking up and leaving, except that right as we had moved to Turkey, we both had close family members pass away. I suppose you can only be there to support family to a certain point anyway. The stress of moving and leaving family, as well as the excitement for living in an exotic (to us) place, was finally wearing off. Really, how many kabobs, borek, tomato/cucumber salads, and sesame seed covered bread can you eat? We felt it best to start planning a trip outside of the country…


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