Signs in Greece

So I had never slept on a boat before. The ferry between Italy and Greece was an overnight trip. As small as it was, I loved it! After the snow in Rome, I was excited about the blue skies. Playing slots and going to the disco at night and waking up to a real cappuccino was so relaxing!


I love taking pictures of signs. I love signs. They amuse me so. I have so far restrained from posting pictures of them, but I loved this colorful little shop and how the owners made do with the shelving units they had. Having taken a brief Greek class in college, I could read most of the signs, even if I could not understand them all.


We drove by the Corinth Canal. Not that exciting, to be honest, but here is a photo to prove I was there!

Corinth Canal Crossing

Our beachfront hotel in Greece had an amazing view. If not for the rain and wind, I probably would have foregone the next couple of days of  sightseeing to lay on one of those plastic chairs.

rainy beach hotel

Here is more rain. I love rain photos. I love signs. I love this shot!

Rainy Signs

And a stone statue shop…


A restaurant that is mainly full of bus loads of tour groups, I really liked Kolizeras. It was beautiful, even in the rain. Inside was so clean and white and beautiful with giant chandeliers.

Kolizeras Restaurant

And their blood orange juice was the best!

Kolizeras Restaurant


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