A Few Castles in Turkey

Random Castle

Piles of crumbling rocks, castles are spread out across this region of Turkey. There are many of these unprotected sites, and evidence of squatters and aspiring graffiti artists are everywhere. A few entrepreneurs stand outside some castles, asking for a bogus entrance fee and selling “ancient Roman” coins.

Toprakkale, below, is fondly nicknamed “Black Castle” by tourists. A castle meant to control trade from the Cukurova region to Syria, Toprakkale was rebuilt with black stones in the 8th Century.

Black Castle

Black Castle

Black Castle

I have no information, not even a name, for the following castle. It was an easier journey than the others and absolutely beautiful!



Castle of Snakes, or Yilankale, is a medieval castle built by Armenians. It is very close to Adana, and my second favorite castle.

Snake Castle

Snake Castle

Snake Castle Snake Castle

As it turns out, this is the only way to get up to some of the towers. We all made it, by the way…

Snake Castle

My favorite castle I saw in Turkey was Kizkalesi AKA Maiden’s Castle AKA Korykos which is located off the coast of Mersin, in the Mediterranean Sea. Legend has it that there was a prophecy that a princess would die of a snakebite.  Her father tried to prevent this by building this beautiful castle in the sea for her so she would be safe. However, on one of the daily deliveries of fresh produce, a snake made it to the castle and the princess ended up dying of a snakebite after all. Such a sad fairytale…but what a beautiful castle. You can rent canoes, kayaks, or paddle boats and go out to the castle, then tour it.



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