Roma Yolu

We went to church a few times and found out about this lovely short trip to Tarsus, which included seeing a highway marker cut out of the side of a cliff, Roma Yolu, and Donuktas.

Ah, the Roma Yolu. An ancient highway made for military and commercial purposes. It was beautiful and amazing, a stone road leading to the sea. More specifically, the Roma Yolu is known for a big stone arch that heads up a short, stone path. This path is slowly being destroyed by animal herders and others who do not see the need to keep this site preserved. And really, why should they? It is not a famous or easily accessible site near a high-tourist area. It is just out in the middle of no where. About a kilometer (or whatever unit of measure was used) down the road sits a marker stating that it is the first kilometer(?) of the road.

Roma Yolu

Roma Yolu arch, road, and mile marker with goat herders.

Donuktas Roman Temple

Of course, Tarsus was the highlight of this day trip. But I will come back to that some other time…


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