Heaven and Hell

Located in Kizkalesi, on the Mediterranean coast, are Cennet and Cehennem. For a few YTL, we walked down the 288 easy steps to the Byzantine chapel in the Chasm of Heaven. HeavenandHell A giant cave at the bottom was slimy and slippery. The chapel was a simple structure. 167 more stairs and we had reached the bottom of the cave. At the back of the cave was a tunnel. The guys decided they needed to check it out…but couldn’t get more than 20 feet before it got too narrow.



Steps Coming up out of the slippery darkness of the rocky cave, the steps back up looked so bright and beautiful. However, after ascending the first 1/3 of the steps (that is 86 of varying heights), these steps proved to be more of a cruel joke than anything else. Camel Ride And do you want a camel ride? Just a few additional YTL and you got it!


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