First Steps

Prior to living in Turkey, yes I had been out of the United States. Canada and Venezuela were both beautiful with mountains and trees and lovely rivers and lakes. However, I was enthralled by the possibility of seeing truly ancient architecture and artifacts. Because we were broke and did not have a car, an older couple took pity on us and took us out of our village one day for a picnic to Castabala (Kastabala)/Hierapolis.

heropolis castabala (13)

This was our first of what would turn out to be many castles.

Near the Ceyhan River, this castle and the buildings around it stunned me. Or was I stunned that old ruins in rural Turkey are generally left just as they are and not cared for? Of course, I would become familiar with this type of treatment the more I toured around the area.

Kastabala (Hierapolis)

Kastabala (Hierapolis)

I cannot describe the feeling of stepping onto the street of this ancient city…of touching the carved stone arches and columns along the dirt roads of this site. Just…wow. I can’t believe I’m here.


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