Adana Excitement

Ok, so we didn’t actually drive while we lived in Turkey. We hung out with friends and took group trips, chipping in for gas and having a great time. We also used the dolmus (public bus) quite a bit. However, riding on any kind of wheeled apparatus at all in Turkey is a bit terrifying.

Cars and bikes cut in from every direction to add lanes. Red lights are a mere suggestion. Honking is used for signaling, just to say hi, or really for any sort of communication. When coming to a railroad, make sure you look both ways. There are no automatic guard rails that come down when a train is coming. There is a guy in a booth by the tracks who is supposed to keep an eye out and crank the guard rails down manually. Sometimes this person is out to lunch, sleeping, or day dreaming so the guard rail is up as a train is passing. We were thankful we did not take a car or have to deal with any of these hassles. On the way to a friend’s mother’s house for some delicious homemade lamacun (Turkish pizza) and apple chai, we snapped some fun characteristic shots of Adana from the “safety” of the car.



The mini marts were colorful-just like everything else in the region.

Turkish Tea

Selling tea on a bike? Now that would be a great job! Can you imagine?


Motorbikes usually carry 2 men, but we have counted as many as 7 people on a motorbike with a side car! (Yes, some were children.)

Adana Dec 15 (9)

Fountains adorn many round abouts, sometimes accompanied by a statue.

Adana Apartments

What a colorful, bustling city! And all on the way to watch someone’s mother prepare a traditional Turkish meal in a corner apartment! I wish I had taken photos of that meal!


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