A Few Hours in Tarsus

Yes, I went to a private college before getting married. When I moved, I transferred to a Bible college (until we moved again). I was going to school for Education, particularly Christian Education and ancient history has always interested me. When I discovered we lived just 68km from Tarsus, I was anxious to go. Paul’s letters to various churches on Christian living take up a lot of the New Testament text in the Bible. He is said to have been a devout Jew who went around killing all of the Christians in the most awful ways before having an experience that completely changed his perspective about it. This story is found in the Bible in Acts 9. From then on, he went around preaching Christianity and telling others how to live pure, simple, gracious lives full of love and acceptance.

Tarsus Well

There is nothing besides the well and Paul’s former house that is mostly buried near it that had anything to do with this story. There are several other things I discovered about the cute town. There are stories about Tarsus, the capital of ancient Cilicia, that go back 6,000 years. Close to the Mediterranean Sea, it was an important center for trading. It was also here in Tarsus where Cleopatra and Mark Antony met and spent time together. Here is the “Cleopatra Gate”, accompanied by a couple of statues.

Cleopatra Gate


Garth Brooks

I honestly was expecting more from the Tarsus Waterfall, but it was pretty.

Tarsus Waterfall


What do boys do to make some spare change on hot days in Tarsus? Cliff diving off this 20 foot ledge for tips.Tarsus


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